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Frequently Asked Questions

1)  How can I place my post?

 It's very easy & quick, you just have to signup & then login & click on the " Create Post " button above at the right side of the home page.

2) How much it will cost to place a post?

Nothing.... it's 100 % free throughout the website. Users can place as many post as they want to. There is no such maximum limit for post.

3) How long my post will remain active?

From our side we will not delete or deactivate any post, Until & unless we receive any report about it or found it necessary for smooth running of the website. It's your wish, how long you want your post to be visible. The moment you don't want it to be displayed just delete that post by getting on to you MY Post page.

4) Are all the details of the users verified by Humara forum?

No, neither Humara Forum don't verify the authenticity of the details of any users, nor authenticate the details of any user. We suggest all of you to kindly verify those details before indulging into any kind of financial or other transaction. 

5) If I do any kind of transaction with any of your user after verifying the details posted by the user and later found myself cheated, will Humara Forum compensate me ( Fully or Partially ) for my loss?

No, Humara Forum will not liable for your any kind of loss & will not bound for any kind of compensation. For this purpose kindly refer our terms & conditions of our website.

6) Are the ads displayed on the website, referred by humara forum to its users & does it guarantee the authenticity of those ads?

No, Humara Forum don't refer any ads to its users, Humara Forum provide its space to 3rd party to place their ads. Humara Forum does not guarantee the authenticity of those ads.